The Government has introduced new legislation on cross-border haulage as the UK continues its preparations for life outside the EU.

The UK’s overall aim in negotiations with the EU is to maintain and develop the existing liberalised access for commercial haulage, as part of a wider future partnership. It is possible that this could require a form of permitting system and the Government will need legal frameworks in place for a new administrative system if required.


The Haulage Permits & Trailer Registration Bill is intended to provide this flexibility, and to give the UK the power to support UK hauliers operating internationally after the UK leaves the EU. Key elements of the bill include:

  • Arrangements to enable a permit scheme if required as part of a deal with the EU – ensuring UK hauliers can obtain the necessary paperwork to provide services to and from EU countries.
  • The establishment of a trailer registration scheme in line with the 1968 Vienna Convention – this will ensure UK operators driving on the Continent can comply with the requirements of those EU countries which require the registration of all trailers travelling on their roads.

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