BrakeSafeToday’s blog is about an interesting product called BrakeSafe. It is a Portable Brake Tester designed, developed and manufactured by a company called Turnkey Group from the UK.

BrakeSafe is recognized and approved by both the Road Safety Authority (R.S.A) and Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (V.O.S.A – in Britain). It is designed for use of all cars including Personal Services Vehicle like taxis, Light Goods Vehicles and Heavy Goods Vehicles including trailers.

So let’s discuss some of the elements and benefits of BrakeSafe:

The product is self-contained and its size (230 x 130 x 65 mm)  and weight (1kg) means that it is convenient and portable for the user. It is an easy-to-use instrument with one large navigation button for all menus and includes a 2GB SD card for memory storage of readings which are also transferable to other devices via USB port or can be printed out either immediately or for later use. Each individual result is shown in a graphical display which includes the time and date, vehicle identity, test conditions and type of brake tested. The tester can hold previously added information (like 99 vehicle names, 70 trailers, 16 test conditions, 4 brake types and 8 examiner names) which can also be edited especially useful if being used by a company with a fleet of vehicles and boasts a usage of 12 hour rechargeable battery life.

BrakeSafe does not need to be linked up to the vehicle or placed in any particular way as it automatically adjusts itself to the direction in which the vehicle is travelling. Additionally, in conjunction with the attachment of a transducer to the brake pedal it can document the force applied to the brake pedal and the time it takes the braking system to stop the vehicle.


brakesafe image 2

Other elements and benefits of the BrakeSafe are:

BrakeSafe directly measures, records and prints the Mean Fully Developed Deceleration. This is the mean deceleration recorded between 80% and 10% of the test speed. It can also evaluate the test speed, the stopping distance, whether the vehicle has a left or right pull due to an imbalance in the brakes, and lastly the acceleration profile where it displays how the vehicle accelerates and the time taken to reach a given speed. The instrument is capable of sensing the end of a test and starts calculating the results instantly which displays the status of the test clearly on the bright sunlight readable pass or fail warning lights. 

BrakeSafe has a multipoint UKAS accredited calibration and is CE marked and RoHs compliant.

We recommend that you check out this demonstration video of the BrakeSafe product or this in-depth document of BrakeSafe Instructions.

If you are interested in learning more about BrakeSafe or if you wish to purchase this valuable tool then contact us here at Mercedes Sprinters Van Sales as we are registered sales agents with Turnkey and we can help you out.