Van Driver doing Walkaround CheckToday we are going to inform you about RSA Van Driver Walkaround Checks.

The Road Safety Authority (R.S.A) believe that with owning a van or a fleet of them comes certain responsibilities, one of which being Vehicle Standards. In light of this, the R.S.A have introduced Van Driver Walkaround Checks.

These checks can be broken down into seven different areas that have to be inspected, they are as follows;

  1. In cab checks,
  2. External checks,
  3. Wheels and tyres,
  4. Lights, indicators and reflectors,
  5. Access,
  6. Load security,
  7. Mirrors and windows.

Each inspection area has a further list of components to be checked.

rsa van driver walkaround checkIn cab checks:

  • check driving control, seat position and safety belt,
  • general housekeeping and cleanliness of cab,
  • remove any obstructions or loose material especially in the foot well,
  • turn on engine and check all instrument gauges and warning lights working,
  • tachograph; calibrated, correct hours and speed limiter plaque displayed (where applicable)
  • wipers, washer, horn, demister and temperature controls working correctly,
  • steering and brakes working correctly,
  • ensure safety belts accessible and working,
  • hi-viz jacket/vest accessible in cab.

External checks:

  • vehicle sitting square and not sitting to one side,
  • check underneath front of vehicle for fluid leaks,
  • bumpers (front and rear) in good condition,
  • exhaust; no excessive noise or smoke,
  • number plates (front and rear); in place, visible and clean,
  • fuel cap seal; in place, in good condition and no leaks,
  • check engine oil, coolant, windscreen wash and brake fluid for levels and leaks.

Wheels and tyres:

  • tyres correctly inflated,
  • tyres correct thread depth,
  • tyres undamaged; no abrasions, bulges or tears,
  • road wheel nuts all in place, correctly fitted and secure,
  • wheel nut indicators (if in use) correctly aligned.

Lights, indicators and reflectors:

  • all in place,
  • undamaged,
  • working,
  • clean,
  • correct colour.


  • steps undamaged,
  • good unworn surface,
  • clean,
  • doors working properly.

Load security:

  • vehicle loaded within load limits,
  • load distributed evenly across axles,
  • bulkhead in position,
  • load secured properly (restraining equipment, straps, racking),
  • restraint equipment inspected: no damage, no loose, racking bolts etc.

Mirrors and windows:

  • mirrors secured and aligned correctly,
  • clean and good condition,
  • view not obstructed e.g. by stickers etc,
  • valid Insurance and Tax discs displayed.


In conclusion, it is the responsibility of the van owner/driver to adhere to this simple and straightforward process. The Van Walkabout Check is a daily must-do for all drivers to comprehend the standard of their own vehicle. We recommend downloading the official RSA Checklist which you can find on their website.

If you are interested in learning more about this topic or if your Van has not passed your daily Walkabout Check then contact us here at Mercedes Sprinters Van Sales and we can help you out.